A healthy, productive classroom culture is not a program; it’s a mindset

This hands-on training provides practical, specific strategies to help teachers spend more time teaching and less time managing low-level behavioral issues in the classroom.

The Time to Teach Classroom Management training includes specific, evidence-based best practices to help your team:

  • Maintain self-control and composure in all situations
  • Arrange the classroom for maximum achievement
  • Teach to and enforce expectations
  • Hold students accountable to change behavior, not just punish
  • Build and maintain a culture of unconditional positive regard

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Reach the students in the gaps and stretch the go-getters maximizing instruction for all students.

This is one professional development training that actually helps teachers develop their craft of teaching.

Have you ever served students who are unmotivated or refuse to work?  The disengaged student is one of the most difficult students to work with since they have, likely, checked out of the learning process.

In these situations, it is imperative for the teacher to build a good rapport with the student, help the student connect with the content and make learning something that is was not before (a laborious event in which they feel they were most likely not equipped to do).

In this training educators are encouraged and equipped to meet the standards and benchmarks required of schools today by tapping into the creativity and passion that drove them into education in the first place.

Educators will be challenged to destroy the curve by developing a plan to help ALL students succeed in a reality where there is less time to do more.

This training includes unique, research-based strategies to maximize student engagement and motivation. Time to Teach strategies will help:

  • Encourage positive feelings
  • Promote self-efficacy
  • Maintain attention and interest in the classroom
  • Improve connectedness and relevancy with concepts
  • Share best practices so the whole team can reach the students in your school with maximum effectiveness!

We don’t have to teach to ‘the middle.’ When used effectively, differentiated instruction can be a highly effective tool to help every student succeed while helping teachers love their jobs again.

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Protecting students and staff without compromising the learning environment

Threats to our school communities come in many shapes and sizes and we want you to
be prepared for anything. We also want to promote a philosophy of school safety
that maintains a health learning environment – we believe that schools should not feel
like prisons.

This customized training focuses on Physical, Operational and Conditional Security
scenarios and planning. From entry controls, and emergency response training to dealing
with the media and on-line threats, this course is designed to help the principal develop
or improve an existing security and safety plan.

The five major components of this course are designed to train your school safety and
security team on:

  • Threat assessment
  • Physical security
  • Operational security
  • Personal security habits
  • Developing and training your security and safety team

This course is fully customizable to your school. We can provide a comprehensive threat assessment and recommendation; train your safety and security team to maintain an accurate threat assessment onsite; or we can do the assessment, train your safety and security team AND train your entire staff on effective response to any given scenario.

We want you to be able to focus on the students knowing you and your team are prepared for anything.

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